Study Abroad

UF in Galway – Youth Development, Irish Culture and Service Learning

The purpose of this 6-week service learning program is to provide a transformative experience in the context of youth development in Galway, Ireland. This program will provide youth development, service-learning, and cultural learning opportunities, along with collaborating with community-based organizations working to solve local issues and enhance community engagement. There will also be several pre-meetings at UF, prior to leaving for Ireland. 

For More Information: UF in Galway

UF in Frankfurt (Oder) GERMANY (Next Trip, Summer 2019)

Students enjoy a four-week UF study abroad program, including an introduction to German language and culture, in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. They also have the opportunity to study diversity in family, marriage, and religious practices across cultures, as well as engage in opportunities for service learning.  An additional two weeks of independent study allows FYCS students to be eligible for the international studies minor.  Students stay in apartment-style housing with international students from around the world.  Past excursions have included visiting multiple sites around Germany and nearby countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, and Slovakia. 

For More Information: Frankfurt (Oder) Study AbroadIndependent Study Option

UF in India and Nepal (beginning 2019) – NGOs & Development

University of Florida (UF) in India: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Development is a five-week, six-credit study abroad program in India. The program includes the following two courses, which can be counted as electives for undergraduate FYCS major, nonprofit minor, and various undergraduate programs: FYC 4427 – Non Governmental Organizations and FYC 4905 - Non Governmental Organizations: The Field Study. Students can substitute FYC 4905 for FYC 4941 as the required FYCS major and/or nonprofit minor practicum. The program also offers the following two three-credit graduate courses: FYC 6423 – Non Governmental Organizations and FYC 6932 - Non Governmental Organizations: The Field Study. This travelling program begins in Chennai, Southern India, and continues in New Delhi, and Jaipur for field visits with several NGOs. The program highlights course presentations by the program director and guest lectures by NGO leaders; Hands-on experience in understanding the variety, scope and impacts of NGOs – national and international; Field trips to NGO sites to observe their operations, services and social benefits.  Also, excursions to major historical landmarks in and near the three historic destination cities – for example, the Taj Mahal, Agra; Opportunity to observe the vibrant cultures of India, the largest democracy in the world; Opportunity to integrate with Indian university students and families.  

For More Information: India Study Abroad