Practicum is a core requirement for the major/minor of Family, Youth and Community Sciences (FYCS) and both the Nonprofit Organizational Leadership minor and the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) certificate program. Practicum serves as an opportunity for you, the student, to begin exploring your future as an emerging professional.

Our expectation for this experience is that you will complete a 3-credit practical experience (equivalent to 240 hours) within a professional environment, applying the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout your coursework. This requirement will be most beneficial to you, the student, if completed during your senior year at UF.

These internships can either be paid or volunteer.

For non-profit minors, please see Kathryn Ivey – 3041 McCarty D
For CFLE certificate, please see Dr. Suzanna Smith 

Course Information

Students completing the FYCS major or minor MUST complete the following with a C or better PRIOR to being enrolled in Practicum:

  • FYC3001
  • FYC3101/SYG2430
  • FYC3201
  • FYC3401
  • FYC4931

Students completing the Minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership MUST complete FYC4409: Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings – earning a B or better – PRIOR to being enrolled in Practicum. Please note: FYC4409 is ONLY offered during the Fall semester.

Students completing the Certified Family Life Educator certificate MUST complete FYC4503: Methods of Family Life Education with a C or better and make an appointment with Dr. Suzanna Smith in order to make sure all prerequisites have been met AND that the intended site meets CFLE requirements.

Students completing the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) certificate must complete both FYC3005: Introduction to Personal and Family Financial Planning and FYC4003: Personal and Family Financial Counseling with a C or better and make an appointment with Dr. Martie Gillen prior to completing their practicum. 

Pre-Practicum Checklist

Once you have completed FYC4931: Professional Seminar, you will be required to identify a practicum site if you have not done so already. If you need suggestions, please refer to the FYCS Service Learning Database. This database provides a listing of sites that previous students have utilized for completing the Practicum requirement in FYCS. This database also indicates sites that have established Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with UF. If the site you choose does not have an MOU on file, nor is listed in the Service Learning Database, an MOU will also need to be completed prior to your start at that site. The MOU form is provided at the forms section of this page.

Once your site has been identified, the next step is creating your Practicum Proposal. Many of your questions about completing this form should be answered during the Professional Seminar. However, if you still have questions, please see your academic advisor.

In order for your Practicum Proposal to be ready to submit for departmental approval, you must obtain the following three signatures:

  • YOU- the student completing the practicum
  • The practicum site supervisor
  • Your FYCS academic advisor
Important Forms and Resources for Practicum
Practicum Tips
    As you prepare yourself for this emerging professional experience, there are a few things you may want to consider:
    • 1. It is possible that the site you select does not provide insurance coverage for you, the volunteer. You may still choose to complete your practicum at that site; however, YOU assume all liabilities and risks in completing this requirement at this location.
    • 2. It is your responsibility to identify who your supervisor will be for your practicum. At the end of your experience, it is your responsibility to provide your site supervisor with the Final Signature Form, verifying the completion of your required hours.
    • 3. It is your responsibility to maintain an open and consistent line of communication with both your site supervisor and the Practicum Coordinator. As an emerging professional, we encourage you to be proactive with both your course requirements and duties at your site.
    • 4. It is your responsibility to keep track of your completed hours for this experience. Please check with your site supervisor on how they prefer you to maintain a record of your hours.
    • 5. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for meeting all due dates set forth on the eLearning portal for the course. If you have any questions about required assignments or due dates, it is your responsibility to contact the Practicum Coordinator PRIOR to the due date in question.
    • 6. Previous students have found it helpful to keep a journal of events. This will provide you with an idea of what you are encountering on a daily basis. This will also be helpful in tracking your progress toward meeting your goals and in completing the required four Journal Entries throughout the semester. Additionally, it may be beneficial to make notes throughout your experience on how your work relates to our major.