M.E. Swisher
Family, Youth & Community Sciences
P.O. Box 110310

e-mail: mesw@ufl.edu

FYC 6800, Section 800A On Campus, Scientific Reasoning & Research Design
FYC 6800, Sections OFE2 and OFF2, Scientific Reasoning & Research Design
FYC 6802, Section 802A, Advanced Research Methods
FYC 6302, Section 302A, Sustainable Community Development
FYC 6221, Section 221A, Summer C, Proposal Development for Competitive Grants
FYC 6330, Section 330A, Theories of Community -- Synchronous on Zoom Venue
FYC 6330, Sections 0211 and 0212, Theories of Community (DE and EEP Students)
FYC 6901, Spring Semester, 2017

Department of Family, Youth & Community Sciences

Last Updated: December 30, 2021