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Phase 1: The Pulse of the Sector: Nonprofit Organizations in North Central Florida 

Home to more than 62,000 nonprofit organizations, Florida has one of the largest nonprofit sectors in the country. Collectively, these organizations contribute to the economic, social, physical, and environmental health of Florida and its residents.

Our report, The Pulse of the Sector, analyzes the nonprofit sector in North Central Florida and, in particular, identifies:

  • The economic productivity of the sector, including employment and wages;
  • The disparities that exist between urban and rural areas; and
  • The myriad strengths upon which nonprofit and UF/IFAS leaders can build.

It is our hope that by presenting these data we can see the significant and varied imprint of the nonprofit sector in North Central Region. We hope to inspire cross-sectoral partnerships—including the continued and expanded collaboration with UF/IFAS Extension and nonprofit organizations—that can improve the quality of life for all Floridians.

We also hope to provide data that can inform the decision-making processes of policy makers, funders, and nonprofit leaders. The pulse of the nonprofit sector is, after all, the pulse of the community.

Download the Report: 

Pulse of the Sector

Phase 2: Benchmarking the Current Collaborations between UF/IFAS Extension and the Nonprofit Sector: A Pilot Study in Northeast Florida 

Florida is home to great beauty, as well as great social and economic challenges. Many of these challenges are being addressed through the work of nonprofit sector and through the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). In fact, the work of nonprofit organizations and of IFAS is often deeply interrelated.

This pilot study, Benchmarking the Current Collaborations between UF/IFAS Extension and the Nonprofit Sector, investigated and benchmarked partnerships between nonprofit leaders and the county faculty of UF/IFAS. The study was conducted in the Northeast Extension District and, in particular, it identifies:

  • The size and scope of the nonprofit sector and of UF/IFAS Extension activities;
  • The number and type of current partnerships between UF/IFAS county faculty and nonprofit organizations; and
  • Recommendations for how UF/IFAS and nonprofit leaders can strengthen future collaborations.

We anticipate this report to be of interest to nonprofit leaders, to UF/IFAS staff and faculty, to funders, and to law and policy makers. While there are clearly many valuable partnerships between Extension and nonprofit organizations, we hope that this report will ignite ideas about where leaders can forge stronger and deeper connections.

Download the Report: NonProfit Sector NE FL

Research Team

Jennifer A. Jones, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Caitlin J. Hunter, M.S.
Tracy Irani, Ph.D.
Muthusami Kumaran, Ph.D.
Angela B. Lindsey, Ph.D.
Dale Pracht, Ph.D.
Kelsey Renfrow
Eric Simonne, Ph.D.

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