Prospective M.S. Students

The FYCS undergraduate and graduate degrees are interdisciplinary applied social science programs. These programs prepare students for careers in human services, community development and youth professions in both the public, private, and nonprofit organizations. 


For fall semester applicants, complete applications are due on February 1 for priority consideration for assistantship funding; however, applications will be considered that are received by March 15. Spring semester applications are due on October 1. If you seek a graduate fellowship or assistantship through the FYCS Department, please submit your assistantship application with your application for admission. All applicants are automatically considered for assistantships, and no separate application is needed for funding.

Undergraduate Degree

An undergraduate degree in Family, Youth and Community Sciences or affiliated social sciences is not a requirement for admission to this department. However, students whose undergraduate degrees lie outside these areas may need to complete prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in some graduate courses. The University of Florida requires that all graduate students have an earned bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or a comparable degree from an international institution.


The University of Florida requires a GPA of at least a B (3.0) grade point average, calculated from all grades and credits after the semester where the applicant reached 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours. Please contact the Department’s Coordinator of Academic Programs if you have questions about this requirement.

GRE Score
The University of Florida requires submission of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. These scores are used in the context of a holistic credential review process. Please contact the Department Coordinator of Academic Programs if you have questions about this requirement.
International Students

International students must have a minimum score of 6 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a minimum score of 77 on the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB), and a minimum of 80 on the Internet version or a minimum of 550 on the paper version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Applicants must submit these test scores also need to have verbal GRE scores of at least 320 (scores before August 1, 2011) or 140 (scores from August 1, 2011 onward). International students must contact the International Student Services (ISS) Unit of UF’s International Center. There are various procedures that international students must complete as a part of the application process and ISS is responsible for all of these procedures. Neither the UF Office of Admissions nor the Department can process your application for admission until you have completed the required processes with ISS.


These procedures apply to both the traditional and online programs.

Application to the Graduate School of the University of Florida 
Review the information about the admissions process at the University of Florida Graduate School prior to completing your application for admission. Complete the Application for Admission

Two copies of the official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities should accompany all applications, one for the academic unit and one for the Graduate School. These transcripts must be received directly from the registrar of the institution where the work was done. Currently enrolled applicants at other institutions must send updated transcripts as soon as grades for that term are available. If you have attended the University of Florida, you do not need to order a transcript from the Office of the University Registrar. The academic unit will have access to your UF transcript. 

Letters of Recommendation
The letters of recommendation are an important component of your application package. You need to provide a minimum of three letters of recommendation. We prefer letters from faculty members familiar with your academic performance. If you have been out of school for some time, we understand that this is not possible. They should be from individuals who are familiar with your performance as a student or professional. Letters of recommendation should be submitted via the UF Office of Admissions online application system. If it is not possible for a recommender to submit the letter through the online system you can provide them with the Recommendation Letter Form available through the Graduate School. In this case, the letter should be sent directly to the Department (Gregg Henderschiedt). You should point out to your recommenders that comments regarding the qualities included in the standard Recommendation Letter Form as well as other observations about your potential performance as a graduate student and professional are important.

Statement of Purpose
Statements of purpose should be about 400-500 words in length, and should focus equally on the following topics:

    • What previous experience or educational background do you have that will contribute to your ability to achieve an advanced degree in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences?

    • What contributions do you feel that you can make to this department and to the University of Florida as a member of our graduate student body?

    • Considering the department’s specific coursework and/or individual faculty members’ research areas, what makes you a good fit for the master’s program?

The resume should highlight educational and professional experience relevant to your interests and professional goals associated with the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences. The resume should be submitted via the UF Office of Admissions online application system. If this is not possible, you can send it directly to the Department (Gregg Henderschiedt). The resume should not exceed two pages in length.

The Review Process
The FYCS Graduate Admissions Committee makes the final decision about your admission to the program, subject to approval by the Graduate School. We may not be able to accept all applicants who meet the minimum requirements for admission at the University of Florida. Alternatively, we may accept a candidate who does not meet all of the minimum requirements if exceptional strength is shown in a particular area. For example, if the GPA or GRE score is below the minimum, yet strength is demonstrated in other aspects of the application, we have the option of accepting a student on a conditional basis, subject to approval by the Graduate School. The Graduate Coordinator will inform you of our decision.

If You Are Admitted
Shortly after being admitted to the program, you will be contacted by the Coordinator of Academic Programs letting you know who your initial advisor is. You will need to be assigned a temporary advisor before you start your program. This person will help you decide which courses to take, especially during the first semester, and will provide you with guidance in selecting a supervisory committee and meeting university and college requirements.

Students who wish to take a leave of absence for two or more consecutive terms should obtain written approval from their academic units before they leave. Students who skip a single term will be scheduled automatically for a registration appointment for one additional term. All readmission applicants must meet the current admission requirements of the college or school they expect to enter. Readmission is not guaranteed and is subject to availability at the level, college and major. Readmission, like admission, is for a specific term. If you are unable to enroll for the term for which you have been admitted, you must reapply for readmission again to a different term. Complete the readmission process through the University of Florida Office of Admissions (

FYCS Master of Science Students, 2017