FYCS Alumni Relations Committee (FYCS ARC)


The Family, Youth and Community Sciences Department Alumni Relations Committee's purpose is to help develop alumni activities and build relationships with FYCS graduates, faculty and students.


The FYCS Department wants to actively reach out to its alumni and friends, to develop and renew its relationship with former students.

The purpose of the Alumni Relations committee is to:

  • Promote a continuing relationship between alumni and the department,
  • Facilitate networking among alumni
  • Suggest and facilitate programs and events that will bring alumni together for social, intellectual and networking purposes
  • Enlist graduates to help recruit talented students who will both enrich and benefit from the department’s programs
  • Identify potential internship and job opportunities for talented students.


The FYCS ARC is composed of alumni and faculty members who are committed to the success of the Department and to maintaining relations between alums, faculty and current students. The Department Chair serves as the primary link between the FYCS ARC and Department.


The Department Chairman appoints the Committee Chair and members to the FYCS ARC, in consultation with the current membership. There is no term limitation for FYCS ARC members.


The FYCS ARC meets once a semester, fall and spring.  Members outside of Gainesville will be able to teleconference in for meetings.