About Us

The FYCS major is an applied social science program that provides education and experience for careers in human services, community development, cooperative extension, and youth professions.Students develop in-depth knowledge in individual and family development and functioning in a community and societal context. Students learn intervention skills such as interpersonal communication; program planning, management and administration; social policy; applied research and evaluation; and community-based education.Graduates find employment in public, private, and nonprofit organizations including community organizations, human services, and various youth agencies. ‌

The mission of the Family, Youth and Community Sciences Department is to enhance lifelong learning and the personal, social, economic and environmental well-being of diverse individuals, families and communities through state-of-the art Extension, research and teaching programs. Included in this mission are the following key elements:

  • To apply research-based information through innovative outreach programs. 
  • To extend the frontiers of knowledge through research and other scholarly endeavors.
  • To build and enhance student competencies for successful careers.
  • To further advance the skills and knowledge of the department's faculty members through continued education and professional development.