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Dr. Rosemary Barnett


Emerging Adult Social Risk Behaviors 
Adolescent Risk and Resiliency
Prevention Science

Dr. Barnett is an educator who specializes in youth development issues. She earned a M.Ed. in Counselor Education (Florida Atlantic University) and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership/Higher Ed. (University of Florida). Her post-doctorate was in the area of Graduate Studies and Research in Education at the UF College of Education. Dr. Barnett has been in the Dept. of Family, Youth and Community Sciences in IFAS for over 15 years after visiting for two additional years from the UF College of Education. She teaches a variety of courses on understanding adolescent problematic behavior, promoting positive youth development and public policy for families, youth and communities, as well as a new course on thesis research proposal writing. She has been a nominee for the IFAS Teacher of the Year Award three times, the IFAS Advisor of the Year award twice, and was one of five UF nominees for the prestigious UF Distinguished Alumni Faculty Award (2011-12). She was one of three individual faculty members nominated by the Dean of IFAS Sponsored Programs for the prestigious national 2003 USDA Research Honor Award for her research on school crime and violence in Florida. Dr. Barnett was awarded one of eight University of Florida IFAS Research Innovation Grants in 2007 as PI and was named a Fulbright Scholar in 2012. 

Her research and technical experience includes various projects aimed at benefiting at-risk youth. She has served as PI or Co-PI of over 20 projects with funding totaling over $2M. Dr. Barnett has had extensive experience conducting research in the area of youth risk behavior and prevention science that began with her leadership as Co-PI of the Title I Center for North Central Florida serving critically low performing schools in 16 school districts. This led to serving as State Research Coordinator on a longitudinal study with a focus on reducing crime and violence in public schools in Florida before, during, and after Columbine. Her research has also investigated the effectiveness of prevention programs used to minimize risks related to bullying, aggression, and risky behaviors by adolescents and emerging adults.  Dr. Barnett is currently conducting research on at-risk youth perceptions of personal future and social risk behavior patterns in their local community. Many of her publications focus on youth and community risk and resiliency and ways to integrate youth into community for greater connectedness. She has approximately 30 peer reviewed articles related to these topics as well as many formal reports to government agencies. She is also the author of the EDIS series “Who Am I?” on adolescent development that has a national audience.