Dr. Kumaran's contact information:

Dr. Muthusami Kumaran

Associate Professor
Nonprofit Management and Community Organizations

Dr. Muthusami Kumaran has a 75% teaching and 25% research appointment. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on fundamentals of nonprofit management, fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), His areas of research interest include various aspects of nonprofit management, roles & impacts of NGOs, community development, home & community based elderly care services, and environmental justice. He has trained numerous NGOs on their organizational capacity building in India, Nepal, South Korea, and The Bahamas. He has delivered lectures on NGO management in these countries and in Japan. He serves on a Global Environmental Advisory Committee based in Jeju, South Korea.

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Kumaran worked for a nonprofit organization, and as an official of a state government. He has served on the Boards of several small, medium and large nonprofit organizations. He currently serves on the Boards of three Florida nonprofit organizations (Florida 4-H Foundation, Partnership for Strong Families, and Alachua Conservation Trust), and one international nonprofit (Groundswell International). He also serves as one of the five Trustees of a major educational NGO in India that operates K-12 schools, vocational institutes, a women's college, and an agricultural college. He has published articles, book chapters, training manuals, and presented numerous research papers related to the nonprofit/NGO sectors in national and international forums.

Dr. Kumaran's teaching, research and services on nonprofit/NGO management constantly intertwine with each other, thus benefiting his students, academic research, and the nonprofit/NGO sector.