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Dr. Mike Spranger

Community Development

Mike Spranger is Professor and Community Development Extension Specialist. He has a 50% appointment in Extension, 30% appointment in teaching, and 20% appointment in research. He has been coordinator, trainer, or presenter of more than 400 national, regional, state, regional and county conferences, short courses, and workshops in areas of community and  economic development, civic engagement, program planning and evaluation,  marine and aquatic education,  land use planning, natural resource management, energy, climate change, and policy analysis. Internationally, he has been invited to assist in building capacity in university and extension programs in Belize, Canada, China, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. He has been recipient and had management responsibility of $30 million dollars in federal, state, and local funds to conduct research, extension outreach programs over the past 35 years.

Current interests are in the area of community development and capacity building, civic engagement, and community resiliency with particular emphasis on the role of arts, humanities and design in these areas.