Kate Fletcher honored with Service Learning Advocate Award

Anyone who knows Kate Fletcher, Senior Lecturer for the Family, Youth and Community Sciences deparment, knows that she is a favorite among the students who are in the major. 

Kate teaches our introductory course to the Major: FYC3001, along with teaching Foundations of Youth Development. Recently, Kate and Dr. Dale Pracht created a Youth Development and Service-Learning Study Abroad Program to Galway Ireland. This study abroad program launched in the Summer of 2017 and will go again in the Summer of 2018.

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. 

Kate was awarded with the Leadership and Service Advocate of the Year Award, which recognizes UF faculty or staff who have gone above and beyond in promoting UF students to pursue service and leadership opportunities. 

There were also 6 FYCS students who received the UF Presidential Service Award, which is a direct example of what a positive impact Kate makes on her students. The Presidential Service Award recognizes undergraduate and graduate students who dedicate themselves to promoting social justice, community awareness, and civic engagement on campus and in the community.

We reached out to former FYCS student and FYCS Club President, Allysen Marks, who said that Fletcher "changed her life."

Marks said, "Having the opportunity to meet and know Kate Fletcher truthfully changed the trajectory of my life. Before I met her I knew that I was called to serve others, but I didn’t know how, where, or who. Kate taught me (and every other student in her course), to meet people where they are and to find a passion and chase it. Kate has inspired me to align my passions for youth, education and challenging social inequities. Thanks to her mentorship and genuine compassion I am about to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Education Policy, something I never would have done without her."

Kate is the Faculty Advisor for the FYCS Club and serves as an Academic Advisor to approximately 85 undergraduate students each semester.

Right to Left:  Kate H. FletcherSarah WilderStephanie Leonard-JoseKatie Collins,Grace McLaughlinFitzroya NugentAshley Tringas with Dr. Elaine Turner, teaching Dean for the college


Fletcher with President Kent Fuchs