FYCS Faculty Granted Tenure and Promotion

We are pleased to announce that the following faculty members have been granted tenure and/or promotion:

Dr. Mickie Swisher was promoted to full professor, Drs. Muthusami Kumaran, Martie Gillen and Victor Harris were promoted to Associate Professor and have been granted tenure. We are so very proud of our faculty and the work they are doing.

Dr. Mickie Swisher was promoted to full Professor.

Dr. Swisher’s research, conducted in collaboration with students and other faculty members, focuses on two main areas of inquiry. The first is the impact of the contemporary food movement with its emphasis on certification (organic, free trade, bird friendly, etc.) and on class, gender, and ethnic stratification among both producers and consumers in the United States and elsewhere. Examples include research examining the outcomes of market-based strategies for enhancing opportunities for smallholder rural households in Africa and the strategies employed by smallholders in the U.S. to enhance farm profitability and sustainability. Research with consumers focuses on the impacts of the contemporary emphasis in the U.S. on local and organic foods on limited resource households, particularly with regard to potential impacts on self-efficacy and identity. Dr. Swisher’s other area of interest is in the scholarship of learning and teaching, in both formal (classroom) and informal (outreach) settings. This research includes theory-based development and evaluation of educational programs and interventions in the area of sustainable agriculture and food systems. 

To learn more about Dr. Swisher, please follow this link. 

Dr. Victor Harris was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

Dr. Harris received his MS and PhD degrees in Family, Consumer, and Human Development from Utah State University.   He regularly presents at conferences and other venues on topics from his research foci which include: 1) close relationships – with an emphasis in communication, relationship quality, marriage and parenting education, and balancing work and family; 2) teaching pedagogy with an emphasis in empirically-informed program design, teaching methodologies, curriculum enhancement, group process, and effective online instruction; and, 3) cultural diversity with an emphasis in spirituality and religiosity manifest across world cultures and religions.

To learn more about Dr. Harris, please follow this link.