Graduate Student Directory

Ph.D. Students

Katherine Dorman

B.A.- Anthropology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

M.S. - Family, Youth and Community Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

“I decided to enroll in the YDFS program after having a great experience in the FYCS department while I was completing my Master’s thesis. The PhD program will give me a chance to continue my research and further my education at a great University. I am also a UF fan at heart, so the chance of becoming a triple Gator was an opportunity I could not pass up. Go Gators!”

Tara Mercurio

B.S. - Sports Management - North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC

M.S. - Sports Management - University of Florida - Gainesville, FL

“Having worked and volunteered in a variety of youth development programs, I have seen the impact that accessibility to and participation in holistic positive youth development programs can have on a child’s path to success.  These experiences have generated an unrivaled passion to contribute to the youth development community and make lasting and impactful changes in our communities and I am excited to join the Youth Development and Family Science PhD Program in the Fall!”

Brian Visconti

B.S. - Psychology, Western Carolina University,  Cullowhee, NC

M.A. - Experimental Psychology, Western Carolina University,  Cullowhee, NC

“I am native to Broward County in Florida, but have resided in western North Carolina since childhood.  My home is in a particularly rural area of Clay County, NC.  I have worked primarily for the Department of Social Services and a number of community-service related positions since earning my degrees from WCU.  I currently work in a therapeutic treatment program for at-risk kids.

Last Fall I was exploring a job opportunity in central Florida that a friend had referred to me.  It was a position working with a UF extension office in Palmetto, FL.  I began corresponding with staff and faculty, including Dr. Victor Harris.  He and I talked extensively about my past experience and my long-term goals.  He eventually told me that due to constraints of time and distance, this was not a job I could feasibly do whilst pursuing a PhD. But, if I was intent on doing that, Dr. Harris suggested I look into the new program in FYCS.  The more we talked, and the more I read about the department and the program, the more it sounded like a good fit, and I’ve been gung-ho about it ever since.”

Mary Lee Andrewskiewicz

B.S. - Family, Youth and Community Sciences, Gainesville, FL

M.S. - Family, Youth and Community Sciences, Gainesville, FL

"I spent the first two years of my undergraduate experience at UF searching for the right major, and in my third and final year, I found myself in my first FYCS class. I distinctly remember hearing Kate Fletcher talk about finding your passion, and I knew I was in the right place. 4-H Youth Development has been a huge part of my life for many years, and after graduating with my BS from UF in FYCS, I was offered a position as a 4-H Extension Agent in Mathews County, Virginia. I spent the next four years in this position completing my MS in FYCS online and working hard to make impacts on the lives of youth by teaching them life skills through hands on programming. Once I found myself in the FYCS department, I always told myself that the only way I would ever get a PhD is if this department had a program. With this degree, I hope to teach research-based principles of applied youth development to future professionals in the field as a 4-H youth development specialist. I am excited to work with Dr. Kate Fogarty on Extension programming and research for the next few years, and I am thrilled that I get a third opportunity to study as a Florida Gator!"

Biswadeep Dhar (to begin in Spring, 2018)

B.S. - Zoology, University of Calcutta, India.

M.S. - Zoology, University of Calcutta, India.

M.Ed. - Curriculum & Instruction (STEM Education), University of Florida, USA

“Hello !! I am from the City of Joy (Kolkata, India) and have been living in Gainesville for the last five years. I studied at UF and had worked as a Lab Manager and later as a Biological Scientist at the College of Medicine/Pharmacy at UF.

I believe that FYCS is a strong interdisciplinary platform to social sciences from where I am able to choose my own area of interest. An interdisciplinary background in Biomedicine & Science Education has indeed helped me to get a better insight of human sciences at FYCS. My primary objective is to work intuitively with the people and improve the communities which are affected by socio-economic stress.  I want to use and dedicate all my learning and experiences towards the welfare of the society. As a graduate researcher in FYCS, I am hopeful  to get a competitive edge in understanding the inter-personal problems of an individual, family stress and human development in general, where the aim would be improving the socio-emotional maturity of the emerging adults in particular.”

Master of Science Students

Adu, Nana
Baker, Alexandra
Carnes, Chelsea
Chatfield, Marcus
Clark, Nick
Davison, Emily
Ducharme-Barth, Meghan
Gair, Hunter
Goldenberg, Samantha
Goode, Katelyn
Maresca, Jennifer
Mays, Ashten
Minnix, Ciara
Moore, Courtney
Poincon, Liliane
Renfrow, Kelsey
Reyes, Noemi
Roche, Wendy
Salem, Sophia
Sengupta, Prami
Wilson, Jane