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Recipe: Surviving the Holidays With Family

How do you celebrate the holidays in divorced family and step-family systems, as newlyweds, or with your in-laws? During this season people fear, dread, and make efforts to avoid some of those uncomfortable, stressful holiday visits.

Families attempt to negotiate and squelch many family issues that may arise during this hectic time. Many people will find themselves asking such questions as, “Who do I invite over this year?”, “Whose house do we go to?”, and “What is my role in all of this”? The following is a top 10 tips recipe for blended families, in order to have a more satisfying holiday experience.

3 cups
Creation of new traditions
1 ½ cup
Reconnection with some old traditions
6 Tbsp.
Division of time between families or alternating years
-OR- Substitute
6 Tbsp
Hosting your own holiday affair, and inviting everyone
7 lbs
Focusing on the children, not adult issues and concerns
2 tsp
Calling/emailing/including those who are absent
24 oz
Remembrance of the TRUE meaning behind the holidays
2 16oz cans
Realization that you cannot accommodate everyone
A pinch
Grin and bear it! Remembering it is only once/twice a year

Sprinkle the final product with Realistic expectations and Enjoy!

Written by: Eboni Baugh, Assistant Professor, Family Life

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