Dr. Kumaran wins the 2015-16 UF Superior Accomplishment Award for Community Service!

FYCS Department’s very own Dr. Muthusami Kumaran, Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Management & Community Organizations, was honored with the UF system-wide Superior Accomplishment Award in the Community Service category. Presented at the 2017 UF Superior Accomplishment Awards ceremony on April 20, 2017, this award is in recognition of his deep commitment and countless hours of voluntary services to numerous community nonprofits locally & nationally, and NGOs in six countries across the world. In announcing the Award, the presenter said “The recipient of this year’s Superior Achievement Award for Community Service really embodies what it means to be a Gator, and what it means to give back. He epitomizes what a dedicated volunteer looks like, and what is most amazing is that his generosity and compassion are spread across so many diverse community organizations.” 

Dr. Michael Spranger, who nominated Dr. K for this Award had stated “he has done all this beyond his call of duty answering his inner calling of serving communities locally and globally.” The Executive Director of Alachua Conservation Trust, where Dr. K serves as a Director of the Board, wrote in his letter “Dr. Kumaran is always available to ACT staff. Few organizations have such tremendous expert knowledge of nonprofit management, organizational planning and fund raising only a phone call away. Our discussions and his guidance are invaluable and they come from a position of humility, years & years of experience, and a deep passion of ACT’s mission of conserving the water and land resources of North Central Florida.” The CEO of Partnership for Strong Family wrote “In his role on our Board, Dr. Kumaran immediately got involved in the Board Community & Government Relations Committee and spearheaded the formation of the Strategic Planning Committee. He also volunteered to serve as the Chair of that Committee, which was responsible for leading PSF through its next strategic planning process…We are grateful for his ongoing contributions to our organization.” In addition to these two nonprofits, Dr. K also serves on the Board of Directors of FL 4-H Foundation, Groundswell International, and a major Educational Trust in India. Drs. Fogarty and Gutter also strongly supported Dr. K’s nomination.

The Award came with a $2000 cash prize (which, Dr. K says, is going straight to his daughter’s college fund) and an invitation for him & his wife to attend a home game in the Presidential suite at the Swamp as guests of President Kent Fuchs.  This is the second UF system-wide award Dr. K has received during the past two years. In 2015 he received the International Educator of the Year Award of the University of Florida Junior Faculty for years of his international teaching, research, and service excellence in nonprofit/NGO management. We are very proud of Dr. K who, in addition to his teaching & research work, thinks locally and acts globally and thinks globally and acts locally in his community outreach services, and in building university–community partnerships.

Superior Accomplishment Award for Community Service, University of Florida