Kate Fletcher and DK Murray

The Family, Youth and Community Sciences (FYCS) major is an applied social science program that provides education and experience for careers in human services, community development, cooperative extension, and youth professions.

Students develop in-depth knowledge in individual and family development and functioning in a community and societal context. Students learn intervention skills such as interpersonal communication; program planning, management and administration; social policy; applied research and evaluation; and community-based education.

Graduates find employment in public, private, and nonprofit organizations including community organizations, human services, and various youth agencies. Some career opportunities are:

  • Cooperative Extension Agent
  • Family Case Manager
  • Foster Care Specialist
  • Family Support Worker
  • Human Services Coordinator
  • Community Development
  • Day Care Specialist
  • Elder Care Services
  • 4-H Youth Development
  • Youth Risk Prevention

Kathryn Ivey

Kathryn Ivey
Coordinator of Academic Programs

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Dale Pracht

Dale Pracht, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Coordinator

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