Graduate Minors

Please Note:

Graduate minors in FYCS are available for students majoring in other disciplines and not FYCS majors.

Minor in Family, Youth and Community Sciences

A graduate minor that provides students from other disciplines with knowledge about the theories and body of research that explain how families, youth, and communities develop and interact. The programs emphasize an ecological model in which the interactions and relationships among the individual, the family, and the community form the framework for addressing the issues, problems, and policies that affect youths, families, and communities in the United States and globally.

Minor in Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits

The minor in nonprofits provides students from other disciplines with an understanding of how to develop organizations to address problems facing families, youth, and communities. The minor consists of six hours of study (FYC 6421 and FYC 6422). Prospective graduate students need not have majored in family, youth, and community sciences as an undergraduate. Students with an insufficient background in relevant social sciences will need to include basic courses in their programs of study. Students are encouraged to complete course work outside the department in relevant areas, selecting appropriate courses in close consultation with their supervisory committees.