Elizabeth Bolton

Elizabeth Bolton, PhD

Professor and Interim Chair
FCS Program Leader and
Community Development
3002 McCarty Hall D
Phone: (352) 273-3522
Email: ebbolton@ufl.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Elizabeth Bolton is a professor of community development and nonprofit leadership with a faculty assignment in teaching and extension. Her area of expertise includes community development with emphasis on developing community leaders, asset mapping, strategic planning and visioning. With funding from the US Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Act she has worked in communities throughout the state in workforce development and welfare-to-work programs focused on preparing low income individual to attain marketable job skills and sustain permanent employment. In addition she has developed leadership education programs focusing on developing a cadre of local leaders to build relationships and networks that support developing and enhancing human, social and financial capital at the local level. Much of this work was funded through the US HUD programs for housing authority residents and directors. Her work with entrepreneurship education, supported by funding from the Kauffman Foundation, to develop and sustain small business entrepreneurs grew into the interest of social entrepreneurs in the nonprofit and public sectors of the economy. She developed the graduate and underGraduate in nonprofit leadership and management in the department and specializes in competency based education that prepares students for careers in a sector that is large and growing with over 60,0000 nonprofit organizations in Florida. She promotes her specialization with a distance education program built on a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership.

She has produced extension curriculum materials in the areas of leadership development, volunteer management, entrepreneurship education, nonprofit management, and JobStart (employment guide for at risk youth and disadvantaged adults. With interests in leadership and governance she has been active in campus organizations as a member of the UF Faculty Senate and the Senate Steering Committee and has served on numerous campus committees including Academic Freedom and Professional Relations and Standards Committee (AFTPRS), Constitution Committee, Nominations Committee and others. These commitments reflect her philosophy about students and their meaningful involvement in community and campus based organizations that will provide opportunities to learn about and participate in organizational leadership. Her goal is to develop leaders who will make a positive economic and societal difference in Florida communities.