MyPyramid for Older Adults

In 2006, ENAFS faculty at the University of Florida adapted the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) MyPyramid mini-poster, a new food guidance system based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans - 2005, for use with older adults. The Dietary Guidelines include key recommendations for older adults that are not emphasized in MyPyramid. These key recommendations reflect special nutritional needs of older adults that are related to physiological changes associated with aging. ENAFS adapted MyPyramid for use with an older population by including the key recommendations for older adults of the Dietary Guidelines as well as tailoring the information for this age group. This educational tool is titled “MyPyramid for Older Adults” and includes USDA’s original MyPyramid symbol. We added original drawings of foods that often are chosen by older adults for ease of purchasing, chewing/swallowing, and/or preparing. Silhouettes representing older adults dancing, gardening, or walking a dog encourage physical activity. We used a lower calorie level for the food plan due to the lower caloric needs of this group, and include targeted messages that encourage healthful eating and physical activity. MyPyramid for Older Adults is easy to read and can be used in a variety of educational settings.

Download MyPyramid for Older Adults:

MyPyramid for Older Adults


MyPyramid for Older Adults is still available for purchase through the University of Florida's IFAS Extension bookstore at the discounted price of $7.50 per set of 50 full-color copies on high quality, glossy paper. 

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